Tuesday, 9 June 2009

the shower...

my dad today, he was putting a new shower in, and it didn't go so well as the water we had to turn the water off, and then when it turned to turning it on it didn't go so well, as the water was being mean and not turning back on again, because of the stupid tap! LOL! so about an hour a go the water started to work again, so after all of hat fuss it finely worked

Sunday, 22 March 2009


DO NOT GO IN THE FRIDGE PLEASE!!! i had made my mum some thing and put some food together, and i could not find anything (as i didn't have time to think, as is was 10.00pm and i gust wanted to go to bed!) so i put some fruit together and a chocolate biscuit in as well, so please don't go in the fridge! so as i wake up so she went in the fridge, so loved it!!!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Hello Kitty!!!

I love hello kitty. I think its just the cutest thing even though im 14. So my mum went on the internet and found two patterns for me to stitch. I started on Wednesday and my mum is really proud of how far i've already got and what they look like. There is going to be three on the top and three on the bottom. I cant wait to finish it, and i'll post it as soon as i'm done. It going to end up in a frame when its done. Wish me luck!!!!!

Valentines Day

My dad was so stuck on what to do for valentines day for my mum, thanks to me that all changed. I had a look through a couple of stitching books then created my own thing and for someone my age i felt pretty proud. So when i'd finished i stuck it in the card. My dad was very surprise, and pleased with it. Lauren

My Mum Treated US

My mum treated us to some Aida

for being really good this week while she has had to go and decorate her uncles new house. I have go to today so i am going to find a new chart and try and pick a colour i like, but its so hard.

I like my mums new charts so i might stitch some thing off that and make my own up!


Sunday, 15 February 2009


Here is a picture i made for my mum and my dad, and they really liked it, and they said they will keep it for ever!!! it made me feel proud!!! but also i finished it in two days but it would normally take me twice as long to do it.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


this is a love heart my sister stitched it is good!!!

My first go at stitching

this is my first go at stitching it was for my grandmas christmas card, but i forgot to give it her, oops i will give it her this year. i want to make all my family a chritmas card so i will be a very busy girl.

Hurry Up!!!

I am stitching a flower for my mum and if i hurry up I can make get it done for saturday!!! So I have only done the green bit (nearly finished the green bit.) so lets get them needle through the aida!!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Hi my name is Nicole and I like to stitch. I am nine years old.
I have a brother and sister, who also likes to stitch, we got this from my mum, who has gave me some things to start stitching with ( quite a lot really!)
I also have two canaries that my grandad is looking after till we have a place to put them in the new house and loads of tropical fish that i love to sit and watch them swim about.
This blog is to show my stitching off, but i am very slow so it takes quite a long time!
So welcome and hello to my blog, please leave a comment